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What a life the Alesis SR16 has had! Probably outlived most other pieces of hardware in many a musician's studio. It's even had a second hand life.

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The SR-16 Editor is a software program that allows you to externally program the first 6 of 8 parameters normally assigned with the Drum Set and Tempo page buttons on the SR-16 drum machine. by the Editor, are Drum Sound, Volume, Pan, Tuning, Assign Mode, and Output.

The advantage of the SR-16 Drum Editor is that it allows you to quickly make changes to your drum sets for use with a sequencer or midi-sequencing program.

You can program your changes and export them to the SR-16 module to be saved as one of 50 User Drum sets, then later recalled by your sequencer.

These drum sets will be recalled as Program changes by your sequencing software.

You can also save your parameter settings in a System Exclusive file format to be loaded by your sequencing software as well.

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This editor works with Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems including Windows7

For those who've updated to the SR 18, Alesis doesn't appear to have made the sysex descriptions available. We haven't heard anything back after making initial enquires to Alesis, in reponse to requests to write a similar one to the SR16 Editor.

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Ken Stephenson - a bit of history.

The SR-16 Editor was written by Ken Stephenson of Namesoft Computer and Music Services Pty. Ltd. ABN 31 070 092 812

We would like to thank the Alesis Corporation for their support of our software.

Updated 12 January 2010